CMS Issues Updated FAQs Around Healthcare EFTs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued updated FAQs around healthcare electronic funds transfers (EFTs).

WEDI Releases New Electronic Payments Guiding Principles Document for Healthcare Industry

WEDI announced the release of a wide-ranging set of industry best practices, entitled Electronic Payments: Guiding Principles.

Healthcare Payments Grow 40 Percent in 2015

In 2015, healthcare payments grew by almost 40 percent to 208 million transactions.

Healthcare Payments Grow to 19.6 Million in December

In December of 2015, healthcare payments via ACH grew to 19.6 million transactions.

Healthcare EFT via ACH Volume Exceeds 149 Million Transactions in 2014

NACHA announced today that the volume of healthcare EFT transactions via the ACH Network exceeded 149 million transactions, transferring $876.6 billion in claim payments from health plans to providers.

NACHA Issues Fall/Winter Edition of Health ePayments News

Health ePayments News is a free, quarterly electronic newsletter, which features up-to-the-minute news on all things healthcare payments. 

Healthcare EFT via ACH Volume Increases Almost 180 Percent in 12 Months

Changes to the NACHA Operating Rules to allow the identification of healthcare EFT via ACH transactions that flow through the ACH Network became effective in September of 2013.  Since October 2013, the first full month of processing, the volumes of healthcare EFT transactions have increased by 177 percent.

More than 15 Million Healthcare EFTs via ACH in September

In September, more than 15 million healthcare electronic funds transfers (EFTs) via ACH were processed over the ACH Network. Since January 2014, the first month in which health plans were required to be compliant with the healthcare EFT standard transaction, there have been a total of 101,403,335 healthcare EFTs via ACH, amounting to more than $593 billion.

NACHA Develops Case Studies to Help Providers Reap Benefits of Healthcare EFT Standard

NACHA developed new resources to help providers with implementation of the Healthcare EFT Standard, NACHA's ACH CCD+Addenda.  The resources, two case studies which highlight a small provider practice and large hospital group, detail the processes, challenges and rewards of implementing the new EFT standard into their practices. NACHA is currently working to document other case studies and will release them to the industry they become available.

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