WEDI announced the release of a wide-ranging set of industry best practices, entitled Electronic Payments: Guiding Principles.

In October 2016, healthcare EFT via ACH volume was 21 million transactions, totalling $111 billion.

In 2015, healthcare payments grew by almost 40 percent to 208 million transactions.

Simplifying Payments ... with the Healthcare EFT Standard

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandated the identification of a healthcare EFT standard, NACHA’s CCD+ Addenda, as a HIPAA transaction. Since it went into effect in January 2014, health plans are now required to deliver the healthcare EFT standard to providers upon request. When used in combination with electronic remittance advice (ERA), the healtcare EFT standard can help streamline proceses and create cost savings.  

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